Top 4 Interior Design Styles for 2022 and Beyond

Top 4 Interior Design Styles for 2022 and Beyond

Wondering about the top interior design styles that are here to stay? Look no further!

With a vast array of design styles, most people struggle to find the basic vocabulary to explain their taste. One effective solution is reading up on various styles, so you’re a tad bit smarter about home décor and can make more educated choices.

In that regard, we have put together a quick and comprehensive guide on the top interior design styles for 2022 and beyond — and also a potential source of inspiration for your next design project!



The Scandinavian design style features all things clean, minimalist, and functional. It is defined by sleek geometries and layered textures while keeping the overall look understated, warm, and elegant.

This style keeps the colour palette neutral, with all-white being a famous favourite. Pops of colour are welcome through sleek pieces of art and/or plants. Large windows allowing the inflow of natural light and styles that create a spacious look are commonly found in Scandinavian design.

Ideal for you if: you\re looking for simplicity, minimalism, and functionality in your space



A carefree style with minimal rules, the Bohemian (Boho) design style is for those who follow their heart. It mixes different artistic expressions and cultures into a diverse interior — one reason why there’s space to incorporate whatever you wish!

Its top features include vintage furniture, displays of collections and souvenirs collected from one’s travels, and globally-inspired textiles.

Ideal for you if: you like to toss in a little of everything into your interior and decorate your space flexibly, without following hard-and-fast rules



Taking inspiration from the 19th century, the traditional interior design style is timelessly classic. It incorporates vintage pieces, such as those from flea markets, adding visual interest to the space and making a great starting point for conversations.

Diverse colours, rich textiles, functional furnishings, and curving lines are a part of traditional décor. Taken together, these help add the luxe factor to the historical design elements of this style.

Ideal for you if: you prefer vintage art and antiques over modernism



Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, the rustic design style focuses on natural elements. As such, you can find an abundance of unfinished elements, gravestone, and raw wood. Featuring ruggedness and roughness, rustic can easily be called a casual design style.

The rustic colour palette is deep and natural, with rich earthy tones taking the prize. The overall ambiance is relaxing, with each organic element allowed to make its own statement.

Ideal for you if: you wish to show off nature’s organic elements in a comforting, fuss-free space


Which Interior Design Style Is Your Favourite?

With this blog post coming to an end, we hope you are now more educated on the top 4 interior design styles for the year. Share your favourite design style with us in the comments below — and head over to our products at Laguna Leaf Interior to begin decorating your space accordingly!

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