New Website Alert!

New Website Alert!

Welcome to Laguna Leaf Interiors! Don't worry it is still us, just with a slightly different look. If you have previously visited our webpage you will have noticed that this one is slightly different. This is because we have decided to take our store to another platform to offer you more interaction with the site and us. 

New Things to Look Out For!

Product Reviews - We have now added a review section for each of our products, this will give you and other customers the chance to read real life comments made by people who have purchased the item.

Out of Stock Item - As with all items we sometimes do run out of stock and with Covid-19, getting products into the country can be a little difficult. We have now added a notify me button to each and every one of our out of stock items, this means that if you like one of the items, you will be reminded of when it comes back into stock. 

New Products - We are constantly scouring the globe in search of new quality products to offer you, if you need something specific and cant find it on our website, just drop us an email and we'll see what we can do in sourcing it.

We love speaking to our customers and getting to know you better so why not send us a message, even if its just to say hello! 

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