Cottage Garden Botanical Bloom

Cottage Garden Botanical Bloom

Holidaying closer to home this year has afforded us even more time to appreciate the wonderful cottage gardens on display up and down our isles. They look and smell sensational at this time of year and we love everything about their informal style.

3 x Pastel Pink Tea Rose (H20534)
1 x Large Lavender Spray (H17334)
2 x Eryngium Blue Thistle (H19056)
3 x Lambs Ear Spray (H19564)
1 x Bulbous Narrow Neck Glass Vase (H22009)
5 x Purple Wildflower Small Spray (H20911)
1 x Tall Bulbous Narrow Neck Glass Vase (H22008)
1 x Lavender In Mini Dolly Tin (H20899)

Floristry tape
The main arrangement here is a hand tie. Start by cutting down the lavender spray and arranging everything in front of you on the bench. Using the trio of roses as the centre of your arrangement, surround them with the other ingredients in a way that pleases you. The eryngium thistles suit the back of the arrangement, thanks to their height, and the short lambs ear the front. The cut down lavender will slot into the gaps with ease, providing some intermediate levels to avoid a tiered appearance. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, secure it with floristry tape and place it into the smallest vase. The meadow flowers take no arranging at all - simply drop them into the largest vase and give them a ruffle to loosen the look. The dolly tin will sit happily between the two vases to complete the look.


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