Botanical Blooms!

Botanical Blooms!

One of the biggest trends this year is the use of dried flowers. A change from the usual green and vibrant houseplants, which are still as fashionable as ever, using dried flowers last longer and don’t require any maintenance.

From Pampas grasses and dried flowers to seed heads, their aesthetic has a wide appeal right now – you’ve only got to scroll through Instagram to see the proof! 

We started seeing this dried flower trend emerge in wedding flowers, through pampas grass and dried foliage elements creeping into big archways and bridal bouquets. However, this trend has now spread thorough into our homes.

There is so much variety out there when it comes to dried flowers from the natural look and feel to those that have been dyed to add a statement!

All of our faux flowers, stems and artificial plants are hand selected by our in house florists to ensure you are getting the best quality for the best price. 

Want to try your hand at flower arranging - we are launching our own Botanical Bloom Recipes, sign up to our newsletter to keep updated. 

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